Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stuck in Idle

The weight of unemployment is crushing me to death. I can't go any where without looking at the person and thinking about what makes them better that they have a job and I can't have one. I am so bored. If I was mentally healthy I would spend the time cleaning up. But I am just too disgusted. I have traced every major decision I have made back to high school and now find fault in all of them. The only relief is to get out and talk to people but soon that "why them and not me" ruins it and I go home. Maybe I am not getting enough sugar. Will have to buy some cookies tomorrow. Someone please give me a chance. I can still contribute. I can do just about anything and am willing to do anything. Back round check, take a drug test send us your resume. Send us your transcript. I have so much personal information floating around out there its damn scary.

During the Bush years I fretted he was ruining the country. It turned out much worse. He seemed to have ruined my life in the process. God help me I am not a good Christian today.


Kelsey said...

hang in there, dad. i love you

Nils said...

I echo Kelsey-

Hang in there. They are not better than you.
I wish I could come down there and learn how to take apart a car from you. Kels said you're good with your hands and you have a sharp mind.
Thinking about you and praying for you from oregon, your neighbor.