Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lizards in the Bathtub

Today was hot and I found this lizard waiting for me in the shower. I kind of got rattled as I did not know how to catch it without hurting it. I mean it was hot out today and it just wanted a shower. I wanted one too.

However, there was no way we were both getting showers at the same time. So I got out a bath towel got it wet and threw the towel over the lizard and wrapped him up like a little baby lizard and then put him in the sink. I tried to touch him but he pooped. Poor little lizard was scared. So scared of me that he pooped. I felt like pooping now. But i got an empty box of cookies and put him in there. Then I had no way of making sure he didn't get out of the cookie box that I put the cookie box with the lizard into a UCLA rolling cooler that had a zippered top. Once safely inside the zipper I had to decide where to let him go. I wanted to drive him to an open space near the hills but I remembered he was thirsty. So I let him go in my neighbors yard. Hehe.

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