Friday, April 3, 2009

New Name

So I stuck with Portland Soccer as a title as sort of a place holder name. Truth is, i know very little about soccer in Portland. But I do know some things that I have seen and touched. I carry with me certain beliefs that once in a while flutter out of my mind like butterflies from a change purse.

The older I get the less I want. I mean circumstance in my life have left me looking at certain things around me as absolutely absurd. I have an empty trash can which the trash service wont touch so it sits empty. I have so much paper sent in the mail that is useless to me that I wonder how many people could be fed with the postage. I have stacks of CDs containing who knows what. I have a cabinet of a full set of Disney Movies on VHS tape and no VHS player. I have well worn LP (Long Playing) vinyl record albums that I am loathe to discard because they have cover art and liner notes that have intrinsic of their own. But still no turntable to play the music.

No turntable to play my music, nice metaphor don't you think?

I saw my first Segway personal transportation vehicle at the Trader Joes. If you don't know here is a link to one here I asked the lady if they were easy to ride as they look as stable as a unicycle. And she looked a little fearful as she was about to mount her 21st century stallion. She told me me "if you can ski you can ride one". My heart melted because my feeble attempts at skiing have left me humiliated and I am great cause for concern for the ski patrol who take great pains to direct me to the bunny hill. So much for my Segway aspirations. Walking or the bicycle seem better cardio activities anyway. But the thing was electric powered and it was cool to see her upright meld of flesh and machine zipping across the parking lot. It was kind of looking into a future that was not mine. Eerie

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