Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Google has Made a Cess Pool of the Internet

In his latest assessment of the beast we know as the internet or world wide web
Google CEO Calls Internet "Cesspool"
Google CEO Eric Schmidt must love controversy. In a speech to magazine executives Wednesday he called the internet "a cesspool", AdAge reported.
I don't know if that makes Google a sewerage company, but I think Schmidt should realize that many look at Google as their filter to the web. Employees like Matt Cutts spend all their time working on 'purifying' the results, to expect publishers to be the answer may not be the right approach.
Criticizing opponents to the Yahoo-Google ad deal may not be a smart move given the recent drop in value of the once "golden child" of the web. Schmidt challenged "if you are going to criticize us, criticize us properly." Claiming ad prices would not increase under the Google Yahoo ad deal.
Schmidt displayed a certain amount of callous aloofness when he avoided questions about how publishers could improve their ranking with Google.
""We don't actually want you to be successful," he said. The company's algorithms are trying to find the most relevant search results, after all, not the sites that best game the system. "The fundamental way to increase your rank is to increase your relevance," he added" AdAge reported.
If you call the web a cesspool but do not offer insights to quality content providers who pay money to provide professional journalism I don't think you are serious about cleaning it up, so much as taunting an economically challenged industry.
I think what Schmidt is trying to say is we don't want YOU to be sucessful but we sure want Google to make as money as possible. The whole concept of the the Google Adsense program grew out of the same business model as pimping and prostitution. You the publishers send out your content to be prostituted and promoted and Google gets the all the money for providing such fine looking ho's provided in its searches. The publisher Hos get bitch slapped and handed a couple of cents on a click if lucky. Google talks about relevance in a time when economics for the small time joe is one of the most relevant topics I can think about. Its easy, to be snooty when you are a CEO sitting on a personal fortune of 6.9 billion dollars.
Lets clean up the cess pool by making Google irrelevant and passe as they seem to abhor the very folks to brought them fame and fortune.

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