Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Longest Day

I choose today, Saturday in the month of February to do two things. First, I was going to fix my Windows Vista computer based machine and, second I was going to read the collected works of Thomas Merton to pass the time while all those files uploaded, downloaded, crashed, I had my files examined and my files themselves looked for updates. The only thing I was necessary for was to add the element of human emotion to all the successful, failed and incomplete processes. I swear I used every emotion available to me today and I am mentally exhausted. All this came about as these thing usually do in the form of a tiny but beautiful little program nicknamed LELA for Linksys Easylink Advisor. The Lela was a a dark blue pleasing pond that showed your internet connected devices like the feet of a spider. You could click on each on and give it a new name if you wanted.
When that little proggie stopped working I wasn't happy. A short chat with the Cisco (linksys parent co.) in the Phillipins and I was well on my way to corrupting and perfecting good version of windows Vista Business Edition. For any of you who have gone through this particular hell crazy things start happening; the blue screen of death pops up and promises to find the bad sectors and the errors on your hard drive. The last word I would see before the constant rebooting start were 100% dump. In my vocabulary dump is a troublesome word. Usually unsatisfying anywhere outside the lavoratory. Dump it not a good work in a computer environment. Like all good PC users I knew Bill Gates had me right where he wanted me. Looking for an upgrade which would automatically fix my troubles. God forbid Microsoft should ever make good programs to fix existing installations. No they are so paranoid that you might be using an update version which already cost hundreds of dollars to circumvent having to buy a full version which cost several more hundred dollars they make sure that the key codes only work with the the same physical disk you used for the original installaion back in the days when I had a job and things like installation disks were tossed about like frisbees once the computer ways humming again. And so it was today.
Ach! i just walked back to the computer. After coping files and gathering files for hours the computer was not able to start the application. Now back to the paranoid fix it boxed which reads no lie. STARTU REPAIR IS CHECKING YOUR SYSTEM FOR PROBLEMS.
If problems are found Startup Repair will fix them automatically. Your computer might restart several times." Yah right if it restarted at all I would not be in the middle of this install marathon. There is something weird and archaic about that big arrow you get when windows starts romping around in areas of its past circa 1983. Shouldn't that arrow be updated by now. And we have come full circle again to the "Windows could not start the installation process box again. Just so that I know its bad there is a big red circle with an white X inside just to let me know things are bad. Click. Oh hey there is that hour glass thing again remember in the early days of windows before they stole the endless circle from Apple? I have a quest to real teckies out there, are Microsoft people really smart I mean likes really smart or are we just saps because we like computers and will put up with anthing. I am going to bed know and will try to reconcile all this with the collective writings of Thomas Merton tomorrow.

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