Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Long Day Part Two

I apologize to anyone for the typos on the last page. I simply didn't have time or the energy to copywrite. Second day, more of the same constant reloads, dumps, attempts at loads, promising to report problems to microsoft etc. I am feeling foolish at spending a whole weekend trying to fix a simple PC. Hey guys I am now a big big Mac Fan and not the Golden Arches kind. Somewhere I was going to try and make the comparison to my ordeal and the writings of Thomas Merton but truth be told he is a bit over my head. I kind of came away with the feeling that there are two subsets of faith. One faith in what other men tell you and faith that is revealed to you by God. Merton is amazed that so many people base lack of fath based upon the having faith in the words of some atheistic or agnostic yahoo. The second is God based faith eminating from the God-Christ-Holy Spirit. It seems to him that the latter might be a whole lot more reliable inasmuch as its source is absolute divine truth. I also remember him trouncing the philosopher Descartes for trying to flesh out the faith question in the realm of philosophy rather than theology where it belongs. Well so much for I think therefore I am quote. I guess I will go with I believe and that is enough. Well God that is, I stopped believing in Microsoft at about 3:00 yesterday.

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