Friday, February 6, 2009

Violence in Mexico

I recently put my timeshare vacation spot in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico on the market for two primary reasons. One, I dont use it anymore and I am not really that fond of Puerta Vallarta. It is on the Atlantic side and lacks the blue azure tranquility of the ocean on the gulf of mexico/caribean side. But what really put the kicker in the deal was all the seemingly random violence in Mexico. I have heard first hand accounts of heads on trash cans and other atrocities. At the center of the violence is the drug trade. At first blush it appears the Mexican army is battling the drug cartels. But digging deaper it appears that corrupt members of the army are battling the the regular army. It has gotten so bad that the public does not mourn slain police officers for the reason of not knowing whether they died in the line of duty or because they were corrupt.

It is my humble opinion that this state of affairs is more directly related to the security interests of the United States than the war in Iraq. In the old days you could venture into Baja with a few bucks for a surf safari with only the risk of being shaken down for those few bucks by the local police or federalis. These days you take your life into your own hands. I remember fondly the days of wandering around downtown TJ shopping and listening to the mariachis without a care in the world. Those days are long gone.

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